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Generally, Codeine is known to be a group of morphine derivatives. People choose to buy Codeine as it has a noticeable inhibitory effect around the coughing center. Since Codeine shows similarity with morphine but it has fewer analgesic effects compared to morphine.

People can get Codeine as single preparations, also as an antitussive formulation in coughing treatment. To form analgesic combinations, Codeine can be combined with paracetamol or ASA. Codeine is a type of opioid medication unnecessary or prolonged use of Codeine can make people addicted to it.

People can take Codeine via the oral route. The duration of the therapeutic effects of Codeine is almost the same as morphine.

What Codeine means

First of all, Codeine is derived from the word koedeen. Generally, Codeine is a term of an opioid-like analgesic drug.

People choose to buy Codeine for its various therapeutic effects. As a medication, it can induce sleep.

People can get the extra benefit when Codeine is combined with paracetamol. Aspirin or ibuprofen both are vital examples of the combination of Codeine.

Mainly people use Codeine for the treatment of mild or moderately severe pain. Some people also take Codeine as the treatment for diarrhea. The duration of action for Codeine is almost 4-6 hours per day.

When a person takes Codeine orally, the bioavailability is generally 90%. Experts don’t recommend Codeine to the patient who is below 12 years old.

Why Codeine prescribe for

Doctors all over the world very commonly prescribe Codeine as useful medication treatment. Typically Codeine is derived from a group of narcotic analgesic. So people take Codeine as a medication for relieving pain management.

Codeine directly acts into the brain or nervous system to change the body feeling. Various doses are available as the codeine medication.

So doctors prescribe codeine doses according to the individual conditions of the patient. To avoid the risk effects of using Codeine, people must follow the prescription by experts. They should not increase there dose without proper advice from the doctor.

To get the best result by using Codeine, they should start taking Codeine as early as possible.

How to use Codeine

People can use Codeine in two different ways-

  1. They can take Codeine alone
  2.   They can also take Codeine in combination with other medication

Codeine can come as various doses forms. People can make them as a tablet, or a capsule or sometimes as a liquid solution. All these forms are taken orally.

People can take Codeine every 4-6 hours per day. Everyone must follow the prescription level very carefully. Before changing any, does anyone have to ask the doctor or pharmacist?

In the primary stage, they should use Codeine properly. The commonly used doses for adults who are 18-60 years old can codeine 15-60 mg up to every 4 hours. The maximum treatments for a person are 360 mg per day.

The children can’t use Codeine as it is a narcotic kind of drug. The older patients can take Codeine according to their condition.

If any person suddenly stops using Codeine, they may face withdrawal symptoms. Such as-

  • Insomnia,
  • The black circle in the center of eyes,
  • Anxiety,
  • Sweating,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting

Before using the codeine solution, shake it well.

A side effect of Codeine

When a patient doesn’t obey the doctor’s prescription of using Codeine. Some fatal consequences can take place. So it is essential to follow the order according to the condition of any patient.

A codeine overdose can exert its adverse effects into some primary organic system, including-

    Cardiovascular system

    Nervous system

    Digestive system

    Into skin


Some common side effects are below-

  1. Nausea
  2. Constipation
  3. Drowsiness
  4. Dizziness
  5. Restlessness
  6. Sleeplessness

Some other adverse effects, including allergic reactions, euphoria, abdominal pain, can occur.

If a patient takes over 360 mg codeine per day, it can make them addicted. This addiction can cause them may harm their health.

Whenever this kind of side effect occurs, a patient must go to the doctor and consult with him. They should get medical health as soon as possible. A person should never use Codeine in recreational purposes.

Symptoms of codeine overdose

Codeine is generally abused for its narcotic effects. The overdose of Codeine can make people addictive. As an opioid-like drug, it has similarities with alcohol.

Before exerting its side effects, Codeine shows some symptoms. Most common sign or symptoms are below-

    Slurred speech

    Short attention span

    Lack of coordination

    Unusual behavior

    Dilated pupils

    Judgment impairment



    Cold and clammy skin

    Respiratory depression


    Cardiac arrest

    Circulatory collapse

Immediately after the symptoms are shown to a patient, they should consult with the doctor as early as possible. The presence of the signs to a human body will not take much time to become worst in condition. This condition can lead to death at last.

Is Codeine available for everyone to buy?

A lot of people nowadays are using Codeine for the treatment of pain management. So the demand of Codeine is much higher than before. Since Codeine is an OTC drug.

It is available for everyone to buy Codeine. People should know how to buy Codeine online. It can make the availability of Codeine much easier. People of all types can buy Codeine online from different online medicine stores.

Before buying Codeine, they should consult with the doctor about the accurate dose. Everyone should adequately buy Codeine. As an opioid medication, no one should buy Codeine for addiction.

Some strict rules as like on codeine addiction. Before buying Codeine, it is must to go for medical checkup. So everyone should be careful before purchasing Codeine.

How to buy Codeine online

Since Codeine has become a commonly used vital medicine all over the world. So the demand for purchase Codeine is increasing day by day. As we know, almost everyone is a victim of pain-related terms nowadays.

To reduce this suffering person all over the world takes Codeine as a pain reliever. A person can get Codeine from their local medical outlets. In some cases, they can buy Codeine from online medical stores.

The online overnight delivery of Codeine is the most convenient way of buying Codeine. Anyone can buy Codeine from various online medical stores.

Before buying Codeine online people should consider some ideal aspects of codeine delivery. At first, they should consult with the doctor about what form of Codeine they should.

Since the online market for purchasing Codeine is very comparative, so people must be careful about choosing the shop. A person has to compare the quality and quantity of the product from a different online source.

A person should never buy higher than the required doses of Codeine from any online shop. This can make themselves to Codeine. So following the prescription from a doctor is a must.

That’s how people of any kind can buy Codeine from any online medicine shop.

Final verdict

The primary goal for a codeine medication is to act like analgesia. As it can relief different type of pains, people want to take it in any condition. Since Codeine belongs from the opioid group, no one should take Codeine higher than they require dose.

If taken, this can cause addiction. As Codeine has become a demandable medication, people all over the world can buy Codeine online. People must follow the prescription to get the optimum result.

If any changes needed, they should go to the doctor.


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