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The chemical name of ALD 52 is “1-acetyl-LSD”. This drug is a derivative. Made from psychedelic drug LSD. The psychedelic properties were not discovered many years ago. And the scientist was not sure of this property. Scientist Robert Hoffman was the first to see this property.

After the discovery, the psychedelic drugs were gaining popularity. ALD 52 is a derivative of this LSD. Many people have questions like “IS ALD-52 buy from the online legal” or “How to take ALD-52,” etc.

What is ALD-52?

ALD 52 is a psychedelic drug. Many people have difficulty understanding what psychedelic means. It means that any substance that has the property to give psychedelia. The psychedelia is the effects of hallucination, seeing of bright color, getting sleepy, etc.


ALD 52 is also known as orange sunshine. ALD 52 got popular around 1968 and 1969. Tim Scully and Nicholas sand used to make this in their chemical lab. The drug was not listed as illicit till that time.

The court then objectified the chemical. This drug was made illegal by the court later. ALD 52 is a substance that converts into LSD. The synthesis of ALD 52 required LSD. So Scully was convicted by the court and put into prison.

Chemistry of ALD-52

1-Acetyl-N, N-diethyllysergamide is the chemical name of the drug ALD-52. This drug is semisynthetic. This drug belongs to the chemical class “lysergamide” class. ALD-52 is a substituted drug of LSD or lysergic acid. ALD-52 contains four rings. The rings are a bicyclic Hexahydroindole fused to another bicyclic quinolone group.

The core structure of ALD 52 contains an ergoline derivative and has tryptamine and phenethylamine structures inside them. The functional groups that the ALD 52 includes are N, N-diethylcarboxamide functional groups bound to R8 of the chemical composition.

ALD-52: Pharmacological Effect

ALD 52 is a psychedelic drug. This drug is a derivative of LSD. The psychedelics like this have some compelling properties. The psychedelic effects are perception, mood-altering properties, and cognitive properties of the host.

The imagination of the consumer gets enhanced very powerfully. A rapid flow of ideas, intelligence, and thoughts are reported. The enhanced flow of ideas and thinking seems to make the consumer smart. The consumer also seems to experience colorful kaleidoscopic images when they hear music.

The images seem to dance synchronically with the music, and the effect seems to get more severe when the eyes are closed. This effect is known as synesthesia. The results are very powerful, and the consumer starts to feel like they have gained an insight into life.

ALD 52 overdose

The lethal dose 50 of ALD 52 is not known or tested. There are common psychological reactions found at the higher dose. These effects include:

  1. Depression
  2. Delusions
  3. Anxiety
  4. Panic Attack
  5. And sometimes rare seizures.

Immediate medical attention is required for any of the above cases. Benzodiazepine or antipsychotics help to relieve adverse cognitive effects.


Treatment of overdose is widespread. In the case of overdose, some medicines are suggested by the physicians. They are benzodiazepine or antipsychotic drugs.

Is it legal to buy ALD-52 Online?

The ALD 52 Is a psychedelic drug and listed as an illicit drug in many countries. The patients are not allowed to take this substance without the advice of the health care expert. The prescription is usually written for patients to get free from addictive purposes.

If the consumer can show the prescription, he can get the medicine from online pharmacies. So for the consumer who takes this medication in cases of order, it is legal to buy this medicine online.

ALD 52 vendor: the Trusted source for ALD 52 buy from Online

Many local and online vendors sell ALD 52. The countries which do not list this drug as an illicit drug, pharmacies can sell this drug. But there are so many online pharmacies found inline who is a fraud.

They try to sell products that are counterfeit or fake. So consumers must be careful about them. There are some indications of good pharmacies. They are:

  1. The pharmacy will hold a registration or license number.
  2. The pharmacy will ask for a prescription.
  3. No medicine can be bought from them without a prescription.
  4. Prescriptions’ validity will be checked.
  5. At least one pharmacist appointed.
  6. Drugs sold at a moderate price.

Our online shop will check all the above boxes. You can buy it from our shop with no worry.

ALD 52 vs 1P

ALD 52 and 1P are homologous compounds. They both are derivatives of LSD. The 1P is listed as a dangerous drug. It is a hallucinating agent too.

ALD 52 and 1P both belong to almost the same properties.


How to get ALD-52 legally

There are many pharmacies that sell ALD 52. But the consumer must be careful when they try to buy them. To buy ALD 52 legally, one must carry a prescription. Without a prescription, no registered pharmacy will sell the drug, or even any pharmacist will dispense the medication.

Can ALD-52 be detected in a drug test?

Yes. ALD 52 can be detected in the drug test. The primary metabolism process of this drug occurs in the liver. After the metabolism, the drug goes out of the body. Until the drug goes out of the body totally, they can be detected in urine, blood, or in hair samples.

How does tolerance work?

The drug, when given in a dose that is getting slowly adaptive to the body, Is drug tolerance. So use of this drug for a long time may cause tolerance.

How do I take it?

This is an oral dosage form tablet. When you buy medicine form our pharmacy, our expert pharmacist will guide you with every instruction on taking this drug.

Is ALD-52 safe?

The safety profile of ALD 52 is not assured of yet. It is listed as an illicit drug in many countries. This is also listed as a dangerous drug in many countries. So it is not totally safe.

Can I mix ALD-52 with other drugs?

It is not wise to mix ALD 52 without the prescription. So cautions must be taken.


ALD 52 is a psychedelic drug, which is used as a drug of addiction. This drug is not safe to be used without the prescription. So we should be careful about buying ALD 52. ALD 52 is legal to buy online if the customer has an order.


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