Power Up! The LAWS of Tone and Dynamics

LAWS of Tone and Dynamics

Musicians are multitaskers. Our brains, fingers, and bodies do so many things all at once to perform our instruments. When approaching practice, I encourage students to break things down into small OMGs–Obtainable Musical Goals–rather than attacking everything at once.

SmartPicks – Cartoon by Paul Hart

SmartPicks - Cartoon
cartoon coverCartoon by Paul Hart

Ensemble type: Concert Band
Difficulty: Medium Advanced
Recommended by: Ted Scalzo, Education Specialist

“If you want your students to improve their technical performance skills and have fun at the same time, this is your piece.

Music for the Holidays

music for the holidays

We don’t need to remind you that December performances are right around the corner—your opportunity to spread holiday cheer while showcasing the skills your students have been working on this semester.

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